If you have it in your head that it is time to change the accountant you use in your business, it is important that you are clear on:

  1. What you want from your accountant
  2. The level of service you require
  3. How committed you are to the change

Too often, many people consider changing their accountant but when it comes to the crunch they back off.  You must be sure about this.  It may simply be a matter of having a chat with your existing professional, voicing your concerns and worries and putting together a plan for resolving them.  This may be all that is required.  However, if you are certain that a change is required, at the very least have the following written down and be ready to discuss them:

  1. What type of services you want for your business from your accountant
  2. Be clear on where your business is going – expanding/contracting/survival
  3. A list of the items you wish to discuss, such as finance, profitability, human resources, where you see yourself in 3 years time…
  4. Ask for references, and call them
  5. Check their website
  6. Ask about staff turnover and who would be looking after your file
  • It is always easier to work with people who you like, therefore if there is no rapport with the prospective accountant you are interviewing, then perhaps always have a second choice on your list


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