We sort, classify and analyze all your documents from purchases, sales, collection, petty cash transactions and summarize them” in a ” systematic manner to gather relevant financial information.

Our experienced staffs can perform all necessary accounting compilation tasks. We are highly capable to generate financial statements in accordance with GAAP and under PFRS (Philippine Financial Reporting Standards) which principles and standards are mostly based from IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Process Flow


Step 1

We advise you and provide you a list of documents we need every end of the month.  Such are but not limited to Purchase Order, Check Voucher, Invoices/Billing, Collection/Official Receipt and Petty Cash Vouchers.


Step 2

Our messenger picks up the documents for free, however if there are documents still unsubmitted, we require you to reimburse us for the transportation expenses in getting the said documents or send us at our office address.


Step 3

Our experienced staffs sort, classify and analyze them and enter into our in-house accounting system for financial reports’ preparation.


Step 4

Our highly sophisticated accountant reviews unaudited financial reports.


Step 5

We generate unaudited financial reports and send to your official email address so you could receive the reports anytime at any day wherever you are.


Step 6

We provide you preformatted list of Purchases, Sales, Invoices and Collection so your staff could just copy them easily in the General Journal, Purchase, Sales, Collection Journal books. Those books of accounts are lawfully required to be located inside your office. If you require us to do the manual writing and maintenance of your books of accounts, 50% of the agreed retainer fee monthly added to your bill.


Step 7

After sorting, classifying, preparation, reviewing and finalizing all your company documents and generation of unaudited financial reports, we return all the documents for proper safekeeping inside your designated office premises.