Part-Time CFO

MRAF offers to our clients a part-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) that will help you to guide your business to success. Partnering with us also enables your business and MRAF team to collaborate workloads and able to represent and report accurate and timely historical financial information of the company. Since every stakeholder in the company – including shareholders, analysts, creditors, employees and other members of management – relies on the accuracy and timeliness of this information. It is imperative that the information reported by the CFO is accurate, because many decisions are based on it.

Hiring a full time CFO requires a higher range, while MRAF provides you a small fraction of the cost.

Our Part-Time CFO services includes the following but not limited to:

Controllership Duties – responsible for presenting and reporting accurate and timely historical financial information of the business.

Treasury Duties – responsible for the company’s present financial condition, decide how to invest the business’s money, taking into consideration risk and liquidity.

Economic Strategy and Forecasting – able to identify and report what areas of the business are most efficient and how the business can capitalize on this information.